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Mental health apps have revolutionized the way we can approach mental health. 

Between their accessibility and community support, these applications are GAME CHANGERS for the busy student-athlete.

Forbes reports, “Historically, brands shied away from talking about mental health due to the stigma surrounding it. However, today more consumers want brands to address mental health openly. In particular, destigmatizing mental health issues through shared experiences is extremely important for brands whose target audience includes Generation-Z, those born between 1995 and 2012. Gen-Z is often described as being tech-savvy, creative and independent. However, many Gen-Zers also feel emotionally distressed.

Because Gen-Z is more open to communicating mental health issues, it has become increasingly important that brands also be open to communicating their commitment to self-care.

According to YPulse data, 71% of Gen-Z consumers like it when brands make mental health a part of their marketing and messaging. According to a February 2022 Ogilvy study, 70% of Gen-Zers say their mental health needs the most attention or improvement.

We’ve highlighted our staff’s TOP PICKS below:

Calm App

Better Help 

Spotify Guided Meditations

Apple Music Meditations



Chill Pill App

By harnessing the power of name, image, and likeness (NIL) AND this technology, mental health apps are a great resource in transforming the lives of thousands of college athlete-influencers – and for brands to reach a tech-savvy target market. 

Interested in a college-athlete brand campaign for your mental health app?