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The PlayBooked Podcast


DEBUTING on May 12, 2022 on the iHeart Radio’s all new College Athletes Network.

This is the age of the athlete-preneur.

Enterprising collegiate athletes with entrepreneurial goals and dreams are coming out of the woodwork on campuses all across the nation – fearlessly led by Chloe.

In 2020, Chloe V. Mitchell made national headlines with a historic powerplay when she became the very first collegiate athlete to legally monetize her name, image, and likeness (NIL). After pioneering the trail, she got to work building an app to help student-athletes do the same, but simplified. 

Chloe combs the collegiate landscape to find fellow athlete-preneurs to connect, collaborate, champion, and together conquer the chal­lenges they experience, with the goal of devising a winning strategy for all. She dives into her guests’ tactical playbook for business success right now and for their future.

DIYing is Chloe’s thing. TUNE IN and take notes as Chloe and her guests inspire you to find your thing.

A podcast with a purpose: Athlete-prenuers connect, collaborate, champion and together conquer.

Chloe is all about asking questions. Questions that will get you thinking as much as her guests.

She interviews some of America’s most interesting collegiate athletes — from D1 stars to small school heroes, each an innovative thinker, from all walks of life. She gets to the bottom of what drives them, learns their money-making ideas, while sharing some of her own.

Every step of the way, she surfaces practical solutions to the problems that young people face. And she shines a light on a path of action that all enterprising athletes can take.

Hosted by Chloe V. Mitchell

Chloe V. Mitchell, 20, is a collegiate volleyball player and a businesswoman.  Her ingenuity inspires people (2.5 million to be exact) on social media and in 2020, she co-founded PlayBooked, an app that empowers college athletes with the tools to DIY their NIL rights. Chloe made sports history and national headlines when she became the first collegiate athlete to legally monetize her NIL.

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