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How It Works

Brands/Businesses can contact PlayBooked to create a custom athlete influencer campaign at scale.

Athletes can create an app profile and field offers from their phones. It’s a flexible part-time job that works amid the rigors of being a busy student-athlete.

Fans can search the app for their favorite athletes and book personalized shout outs and LIVE video chats .

Our Story

PlayBooked’s journey from its inception during the COVID-19 pandemic to making sports history with Chloe V. Mitchell becoming the first collegiate athlete to monetize her Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) is a remarkable story.

Chloe’s unexpected rise to fame through her TikTok She Shed series during the lockdown brought about challenges and opportunities. The question of whether she could maintain her influencer career while pursuing collegiate volleyball highlighted the complexities athletes faced in balancing their image rights with collegiate sports regulations.

Meanwhile, Chloe’s father, Keith A. Mitchell, brought his own experiences as a former college athlete and tech entrepreneur into the mix. Recognizing the impending impact of the NIL bill, which would allow student-athletes to be compensated for their NIL, Keith saw the need to address the professional and financial preparedness of college athletes beyond their sports achievements.

The formation of an impressive team with expertise in athlete marketing, business, and the sports industry showcased the dedication and vision behind PlayBooked. In just six months, they achieved a historic milestone by enabling Chloe to legally monetize her NIL, marking a significant moment in the evolving landscape of collegiate sports. Fast forward to 2022, Chloe was named Innovator of the Year at the NIL Summit Awards, for role in forming PlayBooked and making NIL history.

Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, PlayBooked’s commitment to bridging the gap between college sports, business, and technology positions it as a pioneering force in empowering the next generation of athletes.


Brent Barkin


Keith A. Mitchell


Ken Konecki

Co-Founder, President

Patrick Werksma

Co-Founder, Chief Revenue Officer

Ryan Schinman


Chloe V. Mitchell

Chief Influence Officer, Co-Founder, Spokesperson

Our Advisors

Bob Reese

Venture Capitalist

Allan Houston

Advisor, New York Knicks

Anthony Tolliver

NBA Power Forward / Venture Capitalist

Avery Johnson Jr.

Athlete Relations

Dat Nguyen

NFL Retiree

Katie Austin

Fitness Influencer

Harold "Lefty" Williams

Harlem Globe Trotter / Entertainment Mogul

Jerome Williams

NBA Retiree

Brian Park

Founder of Yahoo Messenger / CEO of Skillest

Perry Tuttle

Executive Life Coach / Player Development

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