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Do you find yourself getting sucked into the mindless cycle of scrolling for hours on end?

Because that seems to be a daily issue for my tired thumbs and me. Studies show that this is a nationwide problem.

Believe it or not, the average American spends around two hours and fourteen minutes daily browsing through social media, according to

Before you think I am advocating for a boycott of all social platforms or suggest limiting your beloved screen time, I am not. I have an alternative option.

Instead of cutting out socials, why not tailor them to your benefit? Why not customize your consumption?

Imagine what your feed would look like if you carefully curated a lineup of life-giving creators that pour into YOU. Personalize your feed into a “For Me” page of positivity, rather than the algorithm-driven FYP.

Lately, to be more intentional about what I hear and who I see, I’ve been scrolling strictly on my “following” feed. This self-regulated lineup of content positively impacts my mental mindset — as a result, the content I consume encourages me to create more!

You can either ingest content that leaves you mindlessly scrolling for hours (and can lead to OCD, anxiety and depression) or consume content that catalyzes creativity.

Here are my Top 10 Cup-Filling Creators: 

  1. @morganharpernichols
  2. @brenebrown
  3. @peacefulmindpeacefullife
  4. @the.holistic.psychologist
  5. @glennondoyle
  6. @gabbyreece
  7. @humansofny
  8. @bethanyhamilton
  9. @victoriabrowne
  10. @nilisland

Instead of giving a short description of these world-changing humans, go check them out yourselves and give ‘em a follow. I promise you, it is worth the screen time!

Also, I am always searching for more creators to follow. So…please DM me/tag your favorites below.