Case Study:

Merrell’s “Get FKT” Campaign with Collegiate Runners

Merrell, coinciding with the release of their “Skyfire 2” trail running shoes, aimed to engage collegiate runners (Gen Z) in a unique challenge. The mission was to promote the Fastest Known Times (FKTs) gathering by athletes wearing the new shoes, generating awareness and excitement for the product.

The Challenge
The primary challenge for Merrell was to quickly onboard suitable athlete influencers, coordinate content creation, and boost awareness for the “Skyfire 2” launch. Time was of the essence, and the campaign needed to hit the ground running.

PlayBooked’s Strategic Approach
PlayBooked seamlessly facilitated this campaign with key strategies:

  • Athlete Selection: Utilizing their platform, PlayBooked swiftly connected with track athletes who were already profiled and ideal for the endorsement.
  • Collaborative Messaging: Worked closely with Merrell to craft the “Get FKT” campaign, ensuring the message resonated with the target audience.
  • Product Integration: Each selected athlete received a pair of “Skyfire 2” shoes, focusing on creating authentic content during their trail runs and FKT attempts.

Effective Execution
PlayBooked’s execution brought results:

  • Focused Influencer Group: A group of 30 athlete micro-influencers was engaged, who produced genuine, product-focused content, requiring minimal effort from Merrell.
  • Extended Campaign: The successful initial campaign led to these influencers being re-engaged for an additional month to promote other Merrell products.

The campaign was a success:

  • Authentic Content Creation: Over 30 pieces of genuine, product-focused content were produced.
  • Significant Reach: The campaign reached 350,000, effectively highlighting the “Skyfire 2” shoes and the FKT challenge.

Merrell’s “Get FKT” campaign, facilitated by PlayBooked, demonstrated the power of targeted influencer marketing in the sports footwear sector. By authentically engaging collegiate athletes, the campaign effectively promoted the “Skyfire 2” shoes and engaged a rabid community of trail runners.

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