Case Study:

H&R Block’s Expansion of “A Fair Shot” Campaign with PlayBooked

In 2022, H&R Block embarked on an exciting journey with ‘A Fair Shot,’ a pioneering social media campaign spotlighting 20 female athletes. Buoyed by its initial triumph, H&R Block set its sights higher in 2023. The goal? To magnify the campaign’s reach by enlisting a diverse ensemble of collegiate female athletes, transforming the initiative into a vibrant platform for sharing genuine, real-life tax experiences. This expansion wasn’t just about numbers; it was about deepening connections.

The Challenge
The expanded scope of “A Fair Shot” presented fantastic challenges. H&R Block not only wanted to increase the number of athlete influencers but also aimed to generate a significant buzz on TikTok, including boosting high-performing posts to maximize engagement and reach. That’s what we do. 

PlayBooked’s Tailored Execution
PlayBooked provided comprehensive support to ensure the campaign’s success:

  • Athlete Payments: Streamlined the compensation process for a growing roster of athletes.
  • Effective Communication: Maintained continuous dialogue between the athletes and H&R Block, crucial for creating impactful content.
  • Content Management: Oversaw the considerable volume of content produced, ensuring alignment with campaign goals.
  • Success Reporting: Provided detailed metrics to track the campaign’s performance and reach.

The campaign achieved fantastic  results:

  • Vast Content Creation: Generated over 400 pieces of content, showcasing a diverse range of tax discussions.
  • Expanded Influence: Grew the athlete influencer roster to 50, broadening the campaign’s scope and impact.
  • Authentic Engagement: Athletes shared their genuine experiences with H&R Block’s tax services.
  • Impressive Online Reach: Attained 2 million impressions and 60 million views on TikTok, significantly enhancing the campaign’s online presence.

Elevating “A Fair Shot” to new heights, H&R Block’s collaboration with PlayBooked tapped into the dynamic world of social media with creativity. This campaign didn’t just leverage athlete influencers but created a buzz. By forging strategic partnerships with influencers, H&R Block amplified its message on platforms like TikTok and set an impressive benchmark in brand storytelling. This study illustrates that with Playbooked, brands can achieve high visibility and connect with audiences with the perfect mix of authentic content and top-notch influencer synergy.

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