Case Study:

Shoe Station’s Dynamic Collegiate Athlete Campaign with PlayBooked

Eager to amplify its brand among college students (Gen Z), Shoe Station partnered with PlayBooked to capitalize on the influential power of college athletes. The objective was bold: to launch a campaign that would not only resonate with the college demographic but also drive significant engagement, both online and in-store.

The Challenge
Shoe Station’s mission was to captivate the college market. This meant devising a strategy that would reach this audience and inspire them to flock to their brick-and-mortar locations. The campaign demanded meticulous planning and astute budgeting to ensure a powerful impact.

PlayBooked’s Vibrant Execution
PlayBooked spearheaded the campaign with an energetic and focused approach:

  • Strategic Budgeting and Athlete Engagement: Guided Shoe Station in setting a budget and maximizing the reach by involving many athletes.
  • Dynamic Campaign Logistics: Collaborated closely with Shoe Station to nail down campaign deliverables, concentrating on making in-store visits and social media posts buzzworthy.
  • Selective Athlete Engagement: Tapped into PlayBooked’s vast network to connect with 100 athletes, offering them clear, creative directions.
  • Proactive Monitoring and Optimization: Vigilantly tracked social media interactions and athlete performances, tweaking strategies for peak effectiveness.
  • Prompt and Efficient Compensation: Guaranteed that athletes were rewarded within 48 hours of successful campaign delivery.

Impressive Results
The campaign was a success in targeting the college demographic:

  • Extensive Athlete Involvement: Brought 100 athletes on board, amplifying the campaign’s reach.
  • Authentic In-Store Experience: Athletes didn’t just visit stores; they used their earnings to buy the promoted shoes, adding a layer of genuineness to their endorsements.
  • Solid Engagement: Achieved an outstanding average engagement rate of 16%.
  • Ripple Effect: The campaign’s success not only fulfilled its objectives but also caught the eye of Shoe Station’s rival, Shoe Carnival, who was so impressed that they reached out to PlayBooked.

Shoe Station’s innovative approach, powered by PlayBooked, effectively tapped into the college market through authentic athlete endorsements. The campaign power of energetic and authentic influencer campaigns in driving brand visibility and engagement, setting a new benchmark for similar brand initiatives.’

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