CASE STUDY: MORGAN & MORGAN: St. John’s University


Morgan & Morgan is a prominent law firm based in the United States. Founded in 1988 by John Morgan, the firm has grown to become one of the largest and most well-known personal injury law firms in the country. “The 18-to-25-year-old demographic is definitely one that we’ve been trying to grow,” said Morgan & Morgan partner, Dan Morgan. PlayBooked’s comprehensive approach, rooted in data-driven insights and creative excellence, resonated with Morgan & Morgan’s vision of elevating its brand presence and effectively reaching its target audience using college athletes.

With a reputation for driving tangible results and maximizing ROI across various industries, PlayBooked emerged as the ideal choice to collaborate with Morgan & Morgan on a transformative marketing campaign. Our achievement at St. John’s represents a remarkable feat worth showcasing, underscoring the transformative power of NIL (name, image, and likeness) opportunities. Through our strategic utilization of NIL regulations, we successfully collaborated directly with athletes while leveraging the capabilities of Brandr for group licensing, enabling us to incorporate university marks (intellectual property) into our marketing initiatives.

The Challenge

The obstacles we had to overcome included the potential burden of inflated Learfield/University fees, which could have amounted to six figures. However, our strategic partnership offered a comprehensive solution. This encompassed engaging five tier one athletes, constituting St. John’s basketball starting lineup, and securing rights to university intellectual property. Furthermore, our services included the production of video content optimized for social media, as well as captivating still imagery suitable for billboard placements. Remarkably, this achievement required a minimal two-hour time commitment from the athletes, ensuring seamless integration into their schedules while maximizing efficiency.

PlayBooked’s Vibrant Execution

The Creative

Given the campaign’s emphasis on connecting with Gen Z., PlayBooked assisted in delivering quality photo and commercial shoots with St. John’s basketball players. We leveraged the vision of the Morgan & Morgan team to coordinate the messaging and identify the key athletes. They wanted basketball players for a production of high-quality video content optimized for social media platforms, strategically designed to captivate and engage audiences while reinforcing brand messaging. Also creation of visually compelling still imagery suitable for billboard placements, enhancing brand visibility across key physical touchpoints.

Strategic Budgeting and Athlete Engagement: The athlete activation team meticulously curated a selection of our premier athlete influencers, presenting their profiles to Morgan & Morgan for consideration. Upon Morgan & Morgan sign off of athletes, we initiated the onboarding process, skillfully navigating contract negotiations and solidifying the roster.

We then had to stay within the campaign budget all while using University marks.Through our strategic collaboration with Brandr, we effectively positioned Morgan & Morgan as if they were the official law firm partner of St. John’s University, despite lacking an official affiliation. This achievement circumvented the massive school fees.

Dynamic Campaign Logistics:
Leveraging existing relationships with the St. John’s collective we facilitated and streamlined the onboarding and scheduling process, condensing the timeline. This expedited approach ensured swift execution without compromising the quality and impact of the campaign. Negotiating contracts, juggling player schedules and organizing photo and video shoots proved to be a task the PlayBooked team embraced and delivered upon.

Extensive Athlete Involvement:
Drawing upon a foundation of established rapport and robust communication channels honed through previous successful collaborations, played a pivotal role in orchestrating the triumphant outcome of the campaign. This seamless collaboration not only exemplified the synergistic partnership between Morgan & Morgan and our roster of athlete influencers but also underscored our unwavering dedication to achieving unparalleled excellence in campaign execution.

Concluding Insights:
The successful model of the collaboration between Morgan & Morgan and St. John’s basketball players led to the contracting of PlayBooked for four more similar campaigns with other Universities.

This stands as a testament to the power of strategic partnerships in driving brand success. Leveraging the influence and reach of St. John’s basketball players, Morgan & Morgan successfully positioned itself as a trusted ally and advocate within the university community and beyond. By enlisting St. John’s basketball players as endorsers, Morgan & Morgan not only gained access to a captive audience of passionate sports enthusiasts but also fostered a sense of authenticity and credibility in their marketing efforts. The athletes’ association with the law firm lent a level of trust and relatability to the brand, resonating deeply with fans and followers alike.

The success of this collaboration is evident in the tangible results achieved, from increased brand awareness and engagement to a boost in client acquisition and retention. By aligning themselves with St. John’s basketball players, Morgan & Morgan not only elevated their brand presence but also solidified their position as a trusted and respected leader in the legal industry.

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